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A powerful tool to create relationships with your customers is through marketing. It is important to raise brand awareness and enhance the business. Marketing it not as straight forward as we may think, trends are always changing. It is key to keep up with the way the marketing world is evolving and what it offers. Do your research and always have a strategy plan going forward.

Improving content quality

When planning your content, you need to be thinking of something that is unique but also beneficial. The way your content strategy is built, is extremely important. Try to engage more with your customers and offer your customers the chance to give content to your business by sharing their reviews as well as taking part in any competitions you hold. Doing this will allow you to get closer to your customers as well as boosting your brand awareness, with minimal effort. However, there is a risk when using online. You will have limited control over what your customers may post about your business. Always have a plan to handle enquires or negative feedback.

Strong social media presence

The visibility of your company on social media is huge. Consumers want to know that a company is what it says it is and will deliver its promises. The more a business gets involved in ads or videos the more familiar its target audience is going to be.

Make a phone call

If your business is a service base, getting in contact with customers is a great way to keep your business at the front of their minds. You do not need to be selling anything, you can use this as an opportunity to build a strong relationship.

Using Live Video

Think about how you can put streaming into your strategy. You can answer user’s questions in real time, like a Q&A themed video or organise online events and make interaction more personal. Video streaming revenue is expected to grow by billions by the end of 2025.


Podcasts are a great tool for communication with your customers, and a way to be remembered. It lets you engage with you customers by providing them with the information they value.

With the right regimen, working from home can be one of the most rewarding workplaces of all!

Listen to customers

An active listener is important when you communicate with your customers. Make sure you are staying involved in the conversation and to ask questions to clarify something to ensure you understand. It can help to rephrase what your customer tells you and repeat it back to them to have a full and clear understanding. This can give a good impression to your customers in being able to help them with anything they may need.

Ask for feedback

Creating surveys allows you to ask your clients for feedback on your products and services which you offer. This will enable you to find out their thoughts and anything you could do to improve on or add. You could offer a mini prize draw to encourage people to enter, which will be randomly selected in a decided time scale. Make sure to include open ended questions to give the customers a chance to have their say.

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