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The home office has become the most common working environment in the last two years and, despite the COVID restrictions coming to an end in the UK, it seems, due to cost efficiency and staff preferences, that working from home is here to stay regardless. It has its benefits, but it also has its distractions, so I wanted to take the time to share with you some tips on how to be more productive when working from home…

Set a Time and Place

It might be tempting to work in loungewear and from the sofa but having a set workplace area and set working hours is the best way to set work and life boundaries. Setting up a desk or an office, a distraction-free zone, helps create the right working mindset and reduces self-sabotage and those who are at home with you from interrupting your focus.

Own Your to-do List

In an office, having onlookers creates accountability and that can be crucial to productivity. When working from home, be sure to set a to-do list and make promises on timelines so that you’re still accountable. Working outside of an office means there won’t be other members of staff to remind you of your deadlines and your tasks, so organisation and an accurate and efficient task management system is key.

Consider a Digital Calendar

It can be easy, especially in the new year, to want to overpromise, but it’s crucial not to underdeliver. Remember that time is limited and consider a digital calendar or project management system that helps you schedule the right number of tasks for the allotted time. It also helps others, such as colleagues or clients, see when you are available and makes it easier to book you for meetings, digital or otherwise.

Take Clear Breaks

Regular and clear breaks might sound counterproductive but it’s easy to get distracted when you work in marketing and limiting your breaks can lead to time-wasting. Get up from your desk to stretch, walk and get refreshments. These small breaks will help you recharge and perhaps even give new perspective.

Prioritise Socialising and Hobbies

There is no valuable output without input so it’s important to not let work encroach your home life so much that you lose sight of what you’re passionate about! Prioritise your hobbies and be sure to get your social fix from friends and family. Offices gave us an environment to socialise with a number of people on a daily basis and working from home can be isolating, which can cause us to lose enthusiasm and alter our productivity.

With the right regimen, working from home can be one of the most rewarding workplaces of all!

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