5 Ways To Think Differently and Out-Produce Your Competition in Network Marketing

5 Ways To Think Differently and Out-Produce Your Competition in Network Marketing

5 Ways To Think Differently and Out-Produce Your Competition in Network Marketing

  • Posted by Cliff Walker
  • On September 14, 2021

As I have lived out my career in Network Marketing, I can tell you that there are more people who get results over those people who are visionary strategists.  While some people are definitely born to be strategists, you don’t have to be born a strategist.  By  changing the way you think  on a daily basis, you can learn how to out-produce your competition.1. Recognize the value of effective long-term planning.

1. Recognize the value of effective long-term planning.

is not uncommon for people to not be able to recognize or acknowledge the value of long term planning. They have never written or worked on a 1, 3 or 5 year plan, instead they have focused on short  term 30, 60 or 90 day plans.  While helpful these short trem plans mean nothing unless they fit into a longer term plan..  If you can understand  the benefits of strong long term planning, you will learn that a great  plan can lead to:

  1. Smart choices about how you invest your resources
  2. A solid plan for your network marketing business
  3. The ideal qualities of people you want to enroll onto your team
  4. Smart choices about how you spend your time each day.

2. Become curious and use your imagination.

Many business owners are so focused on today, they cannot begin to think about the future. This is a belief system that can damage your network marketing business.  The goal  is to think more strategically  and   get to the “What ifs?” in business and in the world outside of your own.  Ask the following questions and go looking for some answers:

  1. What will happen to my business if the world economy changes?
  2. What changes in the technology industry are on the horizon that may change the way I do business?
  3. What is changing in the world, and how might these changes impact my network marketing business. Examples may include:AccountingActingArtBanking and FinanceEngineeringMedicine and ResearchMusicRoboticsSports
  4. Accounting
  5. Acting
  6. Art
  7. Banking and Finance
  8. Engineering
  9. Medicine and Research
  10. Music
  11. Robotics
  12. Sports

3. Broaden your perspective.

Many people in the world of business are focused on one thing, and they do that one thing really well.  As an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to ditch your narrow field and broaden your perspective to areas of life and business that may feel overwhelming.  By knowing a little bit about a lot of things outside the world of network marketing, you will become someone who is a great conversationalist, and you will create a bond with people who share your thirst for knowledge.  You can start this process by reading a few business books and journals, and take a note of what topics interest you.  From there, dig deeper into the topic until you feel like you could have a conversation with others without looking like you are a one trick pony.

4. Embrace the uncertainties and the unknowns in the network marketing and in your greater world.

Strategic planning and thinking can feel daunting, because with great strategic thinking, you will be dealing the future.  With the future comes a lot of uncertainties and unknowns, and for the majority of people, the unknown brings about change, which can be unsettling.  The best approach is to use your intuition to guide you and make subtle changes along the way.  The one big mistake in business is not planning ahead, so big plans that are in the mind often go unmet.  Get the uncertainties and unknowns on paper or use a mind mapping tool to help you connect the dots.  Feeling the relief of stating the unknowns will serve as a catalyst to move you forward.

5. Embrace complexity.

In the world of network marketing, we  encourage simple things:  5 steps to network marketing success or 7 ways to save time every day.  Strategic thinking and planning involves speculating on the near unknown. It requires looking into cloudy, foggy places in the future. It requires assumptions about the unknown.  In the beginning of building your network marketing business, the idea  of strategic thinking may feel overwhelming and complex.  Embrace that and take the steps needed to get simple answers to complex issues. Get in touch with your intuition and voice your  ideas to a group of people.  This one step can give you a great deal of confidence and accountability that will require that you follow your strategic plan.

As you begin to think differently to connect the plans you have for the future, you will discover a level of inspiration and knowledge that separates you from the pack.  Spend one hour each day using the above five steps until the process plays out naturally for you and your business.


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