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Cliff Walker, a long-time entrepreneur, is one of the world’s foremost network marketers.

With over 20 years’ experience, Cliff Walker specializes in helping individuals transition from the corporate world to a new life of entrepreneurial freedom, having once made the move himself after a very successful corporate career.
Currently a diamond director and top income earner with Jeunesse Global, a Florida-based network marketing company, Cliff Walker uses a no-nonsense, process-driven training style to free budding entrepreneurs from the corporate grind, enabling them to live a life that is not only lucrative but liberating.
Cliff’s system, the “Collaborative Marketing Process for Financial Freedom,” is a unique blend of traditional business processes combined with cutting-edge home business strategies, personal development and business coaching. It’s proven highly effective at delivering predictable results and minimizing the risks associated with pursuing a reimagined career and lifestyle.
Cliff Walker, a native of the United Kingdom, is a voice of experience, having built global sales organizations of more than 100,000 people. He coaches prospective entrepreneurs all around the globe, and has been lauded for his ability to motivate, for his professionalism and integrity, and for his selflessness and supportiveness. While many in the field of network marketing achieve success, Cliff Walker makes it clear that he is committed to the success of others — that he will listen to them, support them and nurture them.
The Honorable Wayne L. Furbert, a member of Bermuda’s parliament, called Cliff Walker a “servant leader” who is forever willing to share his knowledge with others.
International business coach Steve Dailey praised Cliff Walker for being “thoughtful and deliberate in his strategies, while being passionate and enduring in their execution” and stressed that Cliff’s “advocacy for personal development and principle-based living is not only a directive for those he mentors but a practice he himself embraces.”
And Lyn Flaherty, who has spent three decades in network marketing, said Cliff Walker is “a cut above” others in the field because of his “spirit of excellence” and ability to “breathe hope and encouragement into you.”
Cliff became an independent network marketing distributor, coach and trainer in 1997, notably becoming the top earner with Euphony, a telecommunications firm, and the top income earner in Europe with Fuel Freedom International, a fuel saving company.
He began his management career in 1984 as a regional sales manager for Fort Sterling Ltd., Britain’s largest manufacturer of recycled paper products. In 1987 he assumed the same position at United Distillers, based in the North West. Cliff went on to head up the Sales Training department and moved into a management training role. Latterly he was responsible for creating the Knowledge Programme which impacted 14,000 people globally.
Cliff Walker, who hosts his own masterclass, has also authored two books on entrepreneurship, “The Mindset of Network Marketing” and “The Entrepreneur Mindset Shift.”
Cliff’s writing has been featured in publications such as Thrive Global and Real Business. Stay in touch by following him on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook. 

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Cliff Walker, a long-time entrepreneur, is one of the world’s foremost network marketers. Cliff helps people transition from the corporate grind to entrepreneurial freedom.


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