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Here’s what I’m increasingly seeing as the biggest frustrations of corporate life, let me know if you agree with me on these. The corporate treadmill is getting faster & going nowhere for so many.

  • Uncertainty Over Job Security

    Now more than ever people are unsure about their long term job prospects. The Pandemic has changed the face of the work environment and uncertainty abounds. Many have been left with no job and without income, no viable means of sustaining their current lifestyle.


  • Limited Future Career Potential

    As organisations continue to move towards flatter structures the opportunities for promotion and career progression become less and less. Not everyone is looking for a sideways career move. Some still aspire to rising through the ranks and achieving the pinnacle of success. In the Collaborative Marketing model that we have there are no limits to the number of people who can progress. We have unlimited promotional opportunities leading to unlimited income potential.


  • Restricted Income Potential

    With a lack of promotional opportunities comes a limit as to how much you can earn in a corporate role. Corporations often use pay scales created by external companies (eg. Hay system) to evaluate the value of a specific role. As a result pay scales are created and individuals are paid within those scales. So in reality individuals are often not paid what they are really worth but what value the company puts on the role that they fill.


  • Lifstyle Restrictions
    Most people work to create income and that income is what creates lifestyle.  Your lifestyle is based on two things – your income and your time. If you work in the corporate world you realise that both are controlled by somebody else, so that means that your lifestyle will always be determined by others.

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Common misconceptions about the Collaborative Marketing model

It’s not a real business

Some of the fastest growing companies in the world have used the Collaborative Marketing model to achieve rapid success. For example Jeunesse Global achieved annual revenue of more than $1 billion in just 6 years! As with any business, selecting the right company in growing markets with products that people will want to buy is key. Since 2015 the global retail sales from direct selling have increased from about 184 billion U.S. dollars to approximately 192 billion dollars in 2018 (latest available figures)/ Many Home Based Entrepreneurs are running multi-million pound/dollar global businesses.


I’m too busy with my career to think about running a Home Based Business

More and more corporate professionals are waking up to that fact that having a viable plan B in place just makes sense. Certainly since the Corona Virus many have opened their minds to alternative options as uncertainty abounds with regards to long job security. With the technology that is available today a successful business can be established with just a few hours per week invested into a home business venture and much of the business can be run on auto-pilot.


I’ll have to bombard my friends and family

Modern Collaborative Marketing companies use the latest technology to take advantage of the massive growth in E-Commerce and Social Media. The best companies have very sophisticated automated marketing software and provide full training on how to leverage the power of online marketing. It has never been easier to access millions of potential customers all over the world from the comfort of your own home.


You have to get in early to make any money

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions and it’s simply not true. Most new companies fail so getting in really with the wrong company is certainly not the way to go.  Even the companies that are successful have their greatest challenges in the early stages of growth making that the most difficult time for individuals to build a business. Many of the top income earners in Home Based business joined their company AFTER all the start up issues had been resolved. It’s far easier to build a business when a company has a track record of success and has all the required systems and processes in place. And if they have already embarked on global expansion so much the better! At the end of the day those who make money in Collaborative Marketing are the ones who persevere and diligently engage in building a long term sustainable business.


Isn’t Collaborative Marketing just Pyramid Selling?

NO. Pyramid selling was made illegal many years ago. Nowadays there are multi-billion dollar companies using the Collaborative Marketing Model as it is simply a more cost effective model for business. In a legitimate company everyone participating buys directly from the company (e-commerce) at the same price, has the exact same financial reward plan and typically no stockholding is required. You simple send people to your e-commerce website where they can buy and have the products delivered directly to their door. There is no requirement to buy products although there is normally a small monthly sales qualification that needs to be met to receive commissions.

The above concerns exist for almost everyone who looks at the Collaborative Marketing business model; and my hunch is at least some of the misconceptions above represent at least a part of your current thought process

Here are my three criteria of those I’m not looking to speak with.
Please take your time reading these, because if any apply to you, we wouldn’t be a fit:

I’m not serious, I’m just curious

Sorry.  Right now I’m not looking for curiosity seekers. I am looking for open minded, entrepreneurial individuals who are dissatisfied and are ready to do something about it. If you are happy or happy being dissatisfied feel free to contact me if your circumstances change.


The timing is not right for me to immediately start my own Home Based Business

I understand. It’s all about TIMING.  I am only looking for those who  (if they like what they see) are ready to get started. Together I am confident that we can develop a 6 figure annual income starting part-time.


I’m going to have to get the idea approved by my spouse

I know that’s a tricky one.  However I am looking for those individuals who can make their own decisions. Of course I understand that you would want your spouse’s support so feel free to have that conversation ahead of our call.

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