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I had the good fortune, several years ago, to meet, get to know, work with and become a close friend of Mr. Cliff Walker. At the time, Cliff was the leading distributor for a tele-communications company based in the U.K. and was interested in fresh or alternative ways that he might support and nurture his rapidly expanding organization.

Russ DeVan (United States)
International Network Marketing Consultant and Trainer

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I am very grateful for Cliff and his attention to detail and Leadership. It is so refreshing to have a Mentor and Leader that I can be confident will be available and punctual when we make an appointment. Cliff is consistently coming up with ways to improve and sharing his coach and training with his team.



Darlene Stark (United States)
Network Marketing Professional

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There are leaders and there is the leader’s leader. Cliff is the leader’s leader, a true network marketing professional with a great heart to see you succeed. I have been greatly honoured to personally be mentored by him. One recurring question when we get to talk is ”what else can I help you with” or ”how soon can we get you to this next milestone”. That’s the heart of this great 7-Figure income earner.

Solomon James (Nigeria)
Network Marketing Leader

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Cliff Walker, a long-time entrepreneur, is one of the world’s foremost network marketers. Cliff helps people transition from the corporate grind to entrepreneurial freedom.


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