Mindset Over Matter: How an Entrepreneur’s Outlook Can Shape Success

Mindset Over Matter: How an Entrepreneur’s Outlook Can Shape Success

Mindset Over Matter: How an Entrepreneur’s Outlook Can Shape Success

  • Posted by Cliff Walker
  • On September 14, 2021

Daily affirmations might sound like the sort of hokum peddled in old “Saturday Night Live” sketches featuring a character named Stuart Smalley (played by Al Franken), but they really do have their place in business.

If you are an entrepreneur, it is important to remind yourself of the value your company or business provides, and how you are making a difference in the world. This is particularly critical in network marketing, where the goal is to get the very best out of yourself, as well as the team you are building.

So while you might not exactly utter Stuart’s long-ago catchphrase (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and — doggone it! — people like me”), you would do well to keep the following in mind.

The Problem You Solve

Remind yourself every day that you provide a great product or service that solves a problem for your customers. Of course, this will be much more effective and authentic when you personally trust the product or service and use it yourself. You’ll know the frustrations firsthand and how you can solve them.

However, this kind of confidence doesn’t need to be rooted solely in anecdotal evidence. You can also boost your confidence with supporting data as well. What does the market research say? How is your solution better than the competition’s? What kind of reviews do your customers give?

Keeping an eye on these kinds of metrics is a powerful way to build your confidence and affirm the work you are doing day in and day out.

Your Ability to Adapt and Respond

Businesses must change and grow in tandem with the world around them, especially if they want to thrive. Every day there are disruptions — some certainly more serious than others — that can lead to long-lasting change.

As a result, an entrepreneur needs to be nimble and anticipate issues before they arise. Arm yourself with the best data to build a clear picture of what risks might lie ahead, and make a habit of preparing for those risks. For example, ask yourself, What is the biggest roadblock over the next two weeks? Two months? Two years? What do I need to do to overcome those roadblocks and remain on the cutting edge?

Agility and anticipation are everything, especially in today’s world, where circumstances change at a moment’s notice. The best entrepreneurs see things through a long lens and prepare for what might lie ahead.

Practice Making Decisions Confidently

Flexibility is important for an entrepreneur, but so, too, is the ability to commit. You can only weigh your options for so long before it comes time to make a clear decision and move forward on the path you’ve charted.

That level of commitment is infectious and will help your customers make a more confident decision as well. To practice your confident decision-making, take this mindset with you as you make minor choices throughout the day. What should you eat for lunch? What should you wear?

Make these decisions firmly and soon you’ll find the same confidence is more easily accessible when the stakes are higher and a deal is on the line.

Learning and Seeking New Challenges

Successful entrepreneurs are always learning, exploring and challenging themselves to grow. This is how good entrepreneurs become great, and how the greats become elite.

An entrepreneurial lifestyle can offer a tremendous amount of freedom and wealth, but it can also provide a level of anxiety and uncertainty. Often, the difference between the two rests not on skill, but on one’s mindset.

Practice the way you’d like to perform because you’ll perform the way you practice. Choose to focus on cultivating a more confident outlook and you’ll soon be setting yourself and your team up for greater achievements than you thought possible.


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