The Ten deadly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Network Marketing Business

The Ten deadly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Network Marketing Business

The Ten deadly Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Network Marketing Business

  • Posted by Cliff Walker
  • On September 14, 2021

No-one in Network Marketing starts  a business with a goal of providing  a poor example of leadership to their team .  But many business owners also do not start out with a strong team support strategy in place. .   Knowledge can yield power.  Avoid  the ten deadly mistakes that’s so many make, and get started on delivering world class support  that  will keep your team with you as you build your business.

The 10 Deadly Mistakes:

1. Not returning phone calls.

If you are not returning phone calls, this will be a red flag for team members  who are trying to reach you.  They will assume that you are ignoring them or that your time is more valuable than theirs.  I highly recommend that you do your best to return each phone call within 24 hours, 48 hours at the latest.

2. Not returning emails.

With the invention of computers and smart phones, it is so easy to return an email, even if someone is trying  to unload their problems on you or complain about something related to the business .  You can simply reply  to the person who emailed you that you want to digest the email and that you will return the email the next day.  A 24-hour turn-around time is expected in the business world, and if you are waiting for days to return an email, a Distributor  will more than likely stop working or worse still quit!.

3. Giving people what you think they want…not what they truly want.

In the world of network marketing, when you are prospecting and enrolling new team members it is critical for you to get at the heart of what people really want…not what you think they want.  You may discover that someone really just wants to spend more free time with family and that money is not a concern at this time.  Take your prospecting and enrollment process seriously and truly listen to what is being said to get at the heart of both wants and needs for your potential customers.

4. Not listening to your team.

This ties a bit back into number 3, but goes much further.  If you are not listening, you are probably talking about yourself, complaining, you don’t really know what you are saying or doing or maybe you are “crying wolf” once again.  The best way to listen is to stop talking and consider how what the speaker is saying and how it impacts his or her greater world

5. Interrupting others.

Interrupting is a common business problem.  People seem so busy…they just interrupt you to stop the conversation so they can move on.  The person you are communicating with  will more than likely think you are arrogant or overly dominant and will more than likely move on to do something else. .  It does not matter how much money, fame or power you have, everyone you meet needs to be treated with dignity and respect.

6. You enroll people onto your team, and you then just forget about them, moving on to new blood.

As you are enrolling new Distributors s onto your network marketing team, it can be an exciting time.  You will find yourself engaging more with new people  and sharing in their excitement of joining your team.  However, what often happens down the road is that you forget about those first few team members  you enrolled, and you have moved on to enrolling new people with new blood.  Implement a “keep in touch” strategy with every single person  you have enrolled.  Everyone wants to feel acknowledged, and you are the one to do just that.

7. Not saying thank you often enough.

When was the last time you thanked a a team member for doing something helpful?  If you are not specifically thanking someone every day for their contributions, then you are losing points with your team.  Catch people doing the right thing or for adding value and thank them in front of other people.  This one act will go a very long way in the network marketing business.

8. Being late but expecting others to be on time.

Simply because you are the team leader, you are not exempt from being on time to meetings or conference calls.  You should be the first person to show up which will model the behavior you want to see in others.

9. Using the wrong type of language.

The language you use needs to be kind and supportive…not curt and with and spoken with arrogance.  A warm smile and kind words (even if only a few words) will stamp a positive view in the minds of your customers.

10. Not being available.

Are you restricting your support to a typical 9-5 window of time? Your network marketing business will be global, and you will more than likely be engaging with people who are not in your time zone.  If you can offer Skype or chat support for extended hours on certain days, your team  will feel they are more in touch with you than not.  Also, when scheduling meetings or phone calls, ask your Distributors this question “What is the best time for you?”  Unless that time is at 3:00 AM, do your best to accommodate others and being more available than in the past.  Another good idea is to set your schedule and ensure that your team know exactly when you are available and when they can reach you.

These ten deadly mistakes probably sound familiar, and your team members  may not remember each and every touch they have had with you in the past.  Just remember this:  People may not remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.  Start working today on a customer service plan that will make others feel confident and valued.


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